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Related article: Date : Tue, August 7, 2007 23 06th 51 -0400 From: Sean Monteiro u003ckinzusareta_yume hotmail. com u003e Subject : The brother comes home, Part 2 Warning: This story contains hot gay sex scenes between two men. If less than 18 years, or is illegal for you to read this, because now your site ( district, state, planet, etc), please stop. comments are always kinzusareta_yume hotmail. com welcome. Please Make sure the title of the story referred to in his comments of e- mail. Thanks for all the support... I had originally written the first installment of this story as a stand -alone, but generated interest as I'm back, and good news, I have a general idea of ​​the n ext two rates. Thank you all for your suggestions, I'll try to work, how many of them as possible. - Sean hot. Jake awoke slowly shone in the sun fishing down the window of the trailer right in the face. A portion of the blanket was cast in the thigh, the rest of the highm was naked. His cock was up, but that was nothing new - it was morning after all. But there were new sensations, too. On one side are the major studios hot in bed with him, which only goes to his brother. Jake 's tail grimaced at the thought. He lay back on the bed, and his older brother Kyle was curled on his side curled up beside him. It was sweet, really - Jake s head was resting on Kyle's big biceps, and n is the thumb of Kyle gently stretching Jake's blond hair. Jake knew his brother was awake until the fingers moved through her ​​hair n. N " Dude... your hair is so soft, Jake. " Jake turned sideways to face to his brother. "Man, if you say," soft as a girl, " I'm going to pierce. " He laughed Kyle and stretched. " Nee. Soft as a child. A child who wants to fuck. " He smiled Jake and enjoyed these words. He changed his position on the mattress and the n smiled as if to feel pain in the ass. Never before there was something there before n , and his last nightBrother of the tool he had for all that was forged s worth it. Man, it feels like. And he was very good. Just as they had done every day, Jake turned sideways and pushed her butt back in the path of Kyle. Apparently Kyle was tough, as well. They were brothers after all. "" Not this morning, said Kyle, Jake a bit surprising. He turned around looked at his older brother with an angry look, sexy. Laugh n Kyle. "Oh, do not worry. I'm not one of those dumbass who thinks It's fun to attend all their runs forever. I know some people are so I like the feeling of self- mockery, want to end up very wrong, but refuses to leave. to hell - I 'm going to run and finish later if you want to. brother but I will be honest, I have not had enough of her ass n the night past. And when shit start now, we'll probably go in that room all day him. " Jake has a jump in the stomach. The stay in this room all day, while the brother of his s had his way with him? Is it really badThing? was asked how not to Saturday No, it's bad. But was definitely hot, as hot temperatures. So hot that I could see the air brilliant in the same room. He had a headache from it. no n usually not a big fan of cold showers, but this morning, maybe s be such a bad idea... " No," said Kyle, Jake throwing arm to stop him when he s in the line of bath. "There is no shower or not. Here, anyway. " Jake paused and looked questioningly at his brother. Then, at the same time, she smiled. " The swimming hole. " The hole in the pool was taken into the middle of nowhere, on a property of its mother bought him at will. They did not know exactly what you want decided to do it, but she had never actually used for anything , Preteen Model Toplist except in the pool at the edge of it. When Jake and Kyle young man, who ran a bicycle up there in the summer and spent the day swimming and baseball, play and explore what most struck his imagination. Jakehe smiled. Things probably would be a little different from here, such as With regard to what " struck his fancy. " Kyle inspects a pair of striped boxer is in a wad on the floor. It s lifted his face, sniffed it, then threw them on Jake. " Halfway clean, except that the dried semen patch the size of a bloody footprint. The man 's brother, was certainly a good load time shot! " Smiled n n Jake himself, as he put on the boxer. It had been a good load as well. He had thought Kyle, of course, and always had the cum at the same time fantasizing about his brother. It's funny how some things end up working out. He jeans yesterday, after he had used T , the easiest way smelled of beer and sweat, but not in a bad n. attract a Kyle, in contrast to the clean jeans and a dark blue T -shirt. Jake found himself looking into, especially in the form of sleeves Kyle shirt hugged his muscular tension. I never thought of the muscles himself, he carried out orwn in good shape and was as cruel as the grave, , but firmer than buff. Kyle... Kyle broke. Kyle was hot. Kyle HIS. Jake trembled with joy at the thought. For a moment they stood together, looking at his reflection in the mirror small near the door of the room. Kyle put his arm around Jake n and pulled him. And Jake... Things suddenly blurred. felt a lump in the throat and do not really know why, felt Kyle 's heartbeat , where her breasts were together, and suddenly wanted to mourn over again. All this made ​​him very uncomfortable. It was not guilt oh, anything. Quite the contrary. There was something else I was not willing to try. Not that I really knew how to handle is the situation, it is not all that sex begins to fall along with his brother, much less - shook his head of Jake. Stop it, man. Enough. Kyle thought for a moment and then tied him to the back , pl easyayfully. Jake wondered if his brother knew what he s it did, but completely eliminated the strange feeling, and Jake breathed a sigh of relief. "Come, brother," Kyle, opening the room door. "Let's go. " The rest of the caravan was cool when their parents had become the air conditioning. They sat in the living room, two read. Normally, Jake would have been asked what they were read, but would keep it there for hours talking about all books that were made ​​today, and another time it might n managed effectively, but had one thing in mind: the fact that it was very hard cock and tension to their s against his shorts and jeans begging to be n let out again, pounding and crazy, because they is the release that has been every morning was, as expected, had to be screwed again... " Well? " Her mother asked impatiently, frowning over the edge of your glasses. "Land of Jake. The fact that there was a long night last nightThis does not mean they ever stop using your brain. " " What? "Jake choked. Her mother put her hands in disgust. " Men ! I really should horrible to be a slave to your... " of his father stopped and cleared his throat. " I thought it would be two sleep all day. Where are you going ? " " swimming hole, "said Kyle, grabbed a cookie and pushed another in Jake 's mouth, not very consistent, but in an n uneven -big- brother mockingly. of Kyle 's mother threw the car keys. "Take the Honda. It's too hot to foot or bike all the way and also how two smartass kids You would be better off with a rusty old Honda Accord as of what anyway. I think it is time to negotiate and get something to little football - mom -ish. " He paused and pretended to think before sarcactially say" no such thing as... a Mitsubishi 3000GT. " At least for a nanosecond distracted from his penis, allowing Jake his mouth open. " You would not. Mom, you know whereuldn't risk. " She laughed with delight. " Why not always ? If you behave and two children play well together, you can Honda. And you might have to drive to the 3000GT and again, , if we really get along. " Kyle put his arm around Jake again. " Let's get along, so mom. " " Oh, I'm sure it will. Now I'm out of here, huh? Testosterone is not in this room so that I can hardly breathe! "Laughing, Jake and Kyle n restricted to the metal stairs and raced each other in the Honda. Kyle threw a bag in the backseat of the car. When Jake asked, he shook head, smiled and said simply: "Later. " By tacit agreement, was n Kyle. It rolled down the window and was immediately surrounded in a cloud of dust. was taken 15 minutes or so, around the field they went through to walk to before reaching the well. Only those 15 minutes was enough to to be so sweaty Jake 's shirt was completely clogged skin, and felt his boxervery sweaty, too. Damn, that was hot outside. Despite the heat, Jake was resting on driving. They left the radio s off, and the sound of tires Honda against rough dirt tracks was soft, almost hypnotic. Jake leaned his head against the back seat, and closed his eyes, one hand around its still not thinking hard cock. The two brothers did not speak, but it was the best quiet sociable. left the car parked on the roadside. Kyle has the backpack from the back seat, and started together in the field of high grass. The cicadas in the growth roared around him, his shrill hum n and almost painful to hear. The sun shone on them in a completely clear the sky, and although it is a breeze, it was hot, and did nothing of his coolness. Jake Kyle grabbed his hand. Jake gripped firmly. On the other end, the jumble of things that no one had o one bothered to clean. A few units, oneCement used building that could theory, as a sort of cabin had a bunk bed that (but not much more), and then a lot of junk, some rusty shells of what once the old cars to be, and miscellaneous debris. fifteen years the place was of some oil drilling company property, once the place to which they aspire dry that sell it, so all the shit everywhere. The pond was like an oasis, somehow clear and clean. Jake smiled as for the first time I saw him the other side of the building. sometimes clean was too cold. Kyle took him beyond the buildings and the junkyard , the lake is still a good fifty feet in front of them. Jake Kyle pulled to a stop in a small area in the trash, Preteen Model Toplist where a line out of the ground and then ran parallel to it a bit before dropping n back underground. The soil around it was rocky, dry and dead. Corrugated iron parts were scattered everywhere, as n after a hurricane. noanother word, began to rob Kyle. First, he dropped the canvas bag unceremoniously to his feet. Then he took off his shirt, now wet with sweat, too. The belt buckle came loose, fell Preteen Model Toplist jeans n Home. Jake stood there for a minute, making sure that his brother was n. Under the sun, was even more impressive. "man," Jake said with admiration. "Kyle. Your body is beautiful. " He smiled Kyle. "I'm glad you like it. Well, uh, you wear these clothes out, or I have to start? " As much as he would not mind s well that was easier to simply pull everything. I had to do the work before Kyle could be a step toward him. Jake took a step back, the sense of the rocky ground beneath her ​​bare feet. It was warm, almost hot enough to burn their feet. Kyle closed the distance between them. It was just the two of them, two blond brothers, naked face to face in a stretch of rock the ground. Both cocks were not all gone. In fact, as Jake looked in his big monster cock brother realized the top was slippery precum. He smiled. "You want me bad, Kyle? " N "You have no idea," said Kyle, and then kissing. It's funny how is made, one minute I was standing there, and the next brother kiss him. If they had done the night before remember? Jake honestly do not , but suddenly his cock grew even more when the language of Kyle his way into her mouth. Jake leaned on pipe bonding of the base was actually exactly the right height for sitting, do little moaning sounds every time. He was so hungry after it. Every move he made ​​Kyle moaning, wailing, almost as if at last, something he never knew he had been missing. As they kissed, Kyle returned under the tail Jakes ball sack, poll for the entry in the ass. Finally, it can withstand and not Jake broke the kiss, turned and bent over the length of the pipe, and felt that his brother behindHocking spat in another package. " Jake", Kyle, as he bent over him, "Man, these balls are already filled over again. Remember to have more of my semen, so soon after last night ? " " Fuck, " Jake said impatiently, and his brother wanted to take, which belonged n - locked in the ass - " only the mouth and stuck by my side, Kyle, \\ \\ n Pleeeeease "n " as my little brother tail, " Kyle said, almost to himself. Jake could not see, its face, but I knew he was smiling. n "I'm addicted to it," Jake confirmed, I wanted to hurry. "Kyle. Put your cock in my ass. Now. " Jake expecting another witty reply, so when I got his wish, and his brother, slammed his cock in ass without saying a word, all the way to in the interior, until his wiry pubic hair against the ass cheeks bruised Jake, Jake out of breath, breathed and exploded, opening the mouth, not believing the brother of his s just had all crashed so powerful and loving, that n , in fact, had. " Mmmph," Jake grunted and grinned like a madman, as Kylehe leaned forward on tube. Cicadas buzzed louder, to match the sound of vertigo, ringing Jake 's head. The world spun, and Kyle started fucking him. Preteen Model Toplist "man," Jake said, gasping every time his brother pulled a the tip of his cock, and then hit back home, " This is just......... what... y... oh, yeah... fuck, Kyle... yeah... uh... w, shit... " "Here," Kyle said as he hit his little brother. "... Yes, take it, People Take my chicken if " This was an interesting picture : Jake skinny, bent over the old pipe splayed feet, feet extended in the sand rock, curling pure delight fucks her brother, blond hair hanging damp sweat in his face expressed, mouth open, eyes closed, tightened every muscle tense effort, and Kyle plowed in the ass, Stand straight with your back shoulders to know the alpha male in every respect, and I love it. She leaned forward so your chest almost touches again Jake, Kyle chain necklas hanging against the back of Jake 's neck, red hot Sun is the only witness is fucking incredible sex. Jake forgot the time. The heat came from all over the world now - the gravel n under his feet, the tube was pressed against his abdomen, your skin safe Burn the strong rays of the sun, not to mention the heat of his brother \\ \\ s, muscular body. They were both panting now, joy and exhaustion. Kyle leaned back, and the sweat poured out of him, literally, the face of his s, chest sculpted lines dripping down the back of Jake, mix with your own sweat, wind his legs spot the dusty gravel road, a dark gray -brown than it already was. " Kyle" Jake asked, " cum shot.. I want so bad I have to man.. " "In a few seconds," Kyle said he shit contined. "I'm going to close, anyway. " Higher Kyle at their own pace and pushed his cock all on Jake. love with the feeling that large cock on it, tightening the muscles Jake around him, earning a grunt of satisfaction from his brother. "Fuck itself. Tight hole little brother is now closer... oh man... Jake... shit, I'll a... cum, brother... uh huh, going to cum... the right... " That was all Jake needed support. He grabbed his own cock that was gentle with his sweat and save half a second for fun observation that he never used his own sweat as lubricating oil, and then left Cumming. Kyle pushes his body pushed against the metal tube, and that bent over her like a rope of cum shooting from his cock arched, with the air and landed in the gravel. " Oh yeah," said Kyle behind him, breathing hard, "oh yeah comes, here Jake, brother oh shit I 'm running I 'm running, I'm filling my ass, husband.. " Jake could feel hot sperm Kyle, and he shot against the walls of her ass, once, twice, three times, but he was too busy to drain his own balls n tell. Kyle continues to make movesdeep growl, almost as an animal when he saw the last drop of semen ejaculated is ass brother. Jake was busy absorbing the gravel with his semen, man, he was so damn good. His skin was damp with sweat and slippery against his big brother n. Kyle only pushed his cock more Preteen Model Toplist and more crisp, hips ass with from the company of Jake, when he raised him. Jake began to feel dizzy. The sense of everything that comes Preteen Model Toplist cum n of his cock made ​​him dizzy. Very dizzy. Kyle hit bottom, his pubis crashing against Jake 's ass and held his tail so hard, n to cum inside of her brother, for all that was worth it. Jake completely impotent. Absolutely. heat. The light. Then the bright blue sky. any way, Jake was lying on his back on the gravel. That was dusty and dirty, , and knew that he had scratched somewhere along the way, probably due to their. It felt as if he had run only three miles, not to catch your breath, just trying to focus on breathing, inside, outside, inside, outside... thenpicked up. Raised as a small child in his brother s arms. Jake put his head on the shoulder of his brother with his eyes closed firmly against the tears that threatened to return. " Jake," Kyle whispered. Losing "Jake. " Preteen Model Toplist Hearing that his brother, made ​​his name as Jake finally. that s tried so hard to keep those damn tears, but could not. As Preteen Model Toplist soon as the ran for the first time his face, drawing a line in the dust covering the skin of his s, there was no stopping the rest of them. Kyle grabbed the strongest. "Fuck. You do not hurt you, I have, I mean, I like hard sometimes, but I thought they were too... " n "I, stupid," said Jake, indifferent trying vainly, sound. for n For some reason, did mourn even more. Kyle stood there, him in his arms. Jake has never before been comforted and protected, to... ones? OK, so exactly where was that? Jake knew. Oh, I knew, all right. Which was why she was crying. " Come," Kyle said softly as he knelt windown, and took the canvas bag pocket. "We will help you clean. " Questioning view Jakes said, " Well, we're both dirty. But after a while, it loses some of its effective if it is cleaned from time to time received, you know, " nodded Jake, because he knew. Clean and dirty, were opposed as a coin to him. He liked to wear the clothes of the previous day, the smell of of his own sweat and semen. But after a few days you would like a list pair of clean clothes, smelling of detergent and soft against the skin of his s - if only because it's more fun, sweaty, in cum, or take the something that was clean and pristine. Kyle knelt on the edge of the water and opened the bag, all while maintaining n to his younger brother in her arms. Jake was not sure what his brother n in the bag, but certainly not the towels and soap, that were really discovered. He smiled, but remember that hot summer s days as a young child, when he came here to take a bath. There something fun to wash themselves in the middle of nowhere, he could not really explain. It was only... cool. Kyle put Jake in the water at the bottom of the lagoon. Jake was only to make your mind wander completely. He was vaguely aware that cuts in the back from where he fell in the gravel, this feeling of swelling in the mouth of his stomach where his brother was sitting cum in her womb, the n freshness wonderful water. And he was his brother, way. That was the problem. Kyle leaned back on his heels and studied Jake. In return, Jake was in the face of his brother. He looked at his hair short, spiky blond, eyes blue like the chin itself, strong, worried frown. "Out to him," said Kyle, Jake is in the eye. "What 's bothering you ? After second thoughts about our little extracurricular activities ? " " NO", said Jake immediately. He took a deep breath. "Kyle... I can not fail " laughed Kyle. " Hey. 'm Horny. You're hot. We share a bedroom. Trust me, , is not going to stop. "Breathe Jake loudly and looked away. " Yes, but... You will end up getting a friend s, and then... "His voice trailed off. " Listen, it sounds as a whiny bitch girl, who did not really know what... " Kyle, Jake chin in Preteen Model Toplist his hand and forced him to see him again. " Hey. Jake. " " What, " said Jake, and refused to meet his gaze brother. " Okay. I know. just got out of jail, you have to... This... But once some whore you look the right way, it's all over, y... "Laughter Kyle. " "Some bitch 'eh ? Someone is jealous! And so unnecessary. " Shook his head Jake happens. "What does that mean? " Relaxed Kyle next to the water and sat next to him Jake. that grabbed the bag again and pulled out a package cigarettes. Lighting one, he leaned back and inhaled and exhaled a long flag of smoke. " Fuck it. Remember what I said when I was drunk as I Now whatNight, and I was about to take that ride in the sunset and screw everything worthwhile ? " She waited for her small nod of recognition brother before proceeding. " As I said, all that was not just because he wanted what he had done in full, and is still. This is... "He sighed and said nothing. " You what? "Asked Jake. Kyle cigarette in his mouth one arm around Jake. " I wanted to protect it, Jake. I was sick of how the rich bastards very good taste in the baseball team is about. And I was sick of the form s fucking bitches you'll just used for sex. I to show that you are better than anything that was something. Special. " Jake closed his eyes again. " You mean you will not let me, Kyle? " The tightened his arm around him. " Not now or ever. I love you, Jake. " Jake opened his eyes at once. " You mean, like... what? " " and "confirmed Kyle" as anything. And, " added with a mischievous twinkle in highs eyes, " who the hell needs a girlfriend when Now I have the best friend a man could want ? " Jake has never been particularly awkward, but as soon as is not the brain again was able to process this statement. N "What do you... " "This is," Kyle said with a smile, "if you really want to be my friend. I do not want to handle. " " I? Your friend ?" said Jake slowly. "But I am your brother. " " You " and my friend, Kyle, said, "always. I've always thought that was that the best way for couples where the people were friends, as \\ \\ n, as well as lovers. Add the fact that we are brothers, the equation, n , y... well, just makes it better, right? " and, curiously, he did. The moral of that is not in Jake 's mind, all it was very right. He had always loved his brother. Now that the love is taken a new dimension, but it was still love. After Kyle had closed a drag on his cigarette, Jake is out of his Brotherr the mouth, I came to yours, and inhalation. It was still feeling dizzy out of her pussy hot and sweaty, and smoking was almost in a way reassuring. As Jake sat there, Kyle was very sweet. He knelt in the water next to Jake and gently began to wash the back. Jake made ​​a face, which stung n from the open wound, but Kyle was surprisingly smooth, and Jake feels relax. The cigarette had burned down almost immediately, so he turned on his shoulder, then leaned forward so that he continues to wash Kyle. Jake closed her eyes. "Kyle.. Man, that feels so good. " N "I am glad," Kyle said softly, and the tone of his voice made it to Jake warmth in the mouth the stomach. That was what was to be truly happy ? came as a surprise to him that was usually not very happy that a kind. Oh, he loved baseball, but the guys from his team were the roosters, as Kyle had indicated and when it comes to sexual matters -. straw was beautiful, and all n , and had not even bloody minded ºose whores, but also the best jerkoff session, and in any case, the entire gland of a bitch that only... something was missing. His balls were getting worse, he shoot his load, which would come from the highest point, and felt as if someone had broken something of your chest. His heart ? It was the reason why people lacked the heart associated with the feeling, because if you know something Note, one could feel the pain was exactly where your heart ? Sitting in the shallow waters, the sun hit her cum ass full of his brother, the feeling of the greats of his brother, soft hands to wash carefully, Jake has not felt so incomplete more. In fact, it meaning... the right. Feliz. Fuertes. Complete ? Then she turned, she stroked the side of her face against his brother for a second , waiting for the cute look of Preteen Model Toplist surprise Kyle 's eyes are blue. Jake then kissed him. That kiss was slower, sweeter. Jake bit sounds satisfaction by kissing her brother, Kyle, and soon joined them,laugh satisfied, as they kissed. "mine," Jake muttered later as she sat on the edge of the water distribution a cigarette. "What ?" Asked Kyle. "You are," said Jake. "All mine. " river Kyle and shook his head funny. "I am sure, brother. I'm sure. "
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